BedBugDogs :
the easiest, fastest, and best way to find bed bugs

Our dogs are trained to detect live bedbugs and their eggs in bedding, walls, or floors : places often completely hidden from our sight. The inspection lasts minutes, and is 95% effective.

Without dogs, finding bedbugs takes hours, and is only 30% effective, according to specialists. You also have to tear apart furniture and bedding, and even after that the bugs hiding in the walls or under carpets and floors stay unseen.

Thanks to our bedbug dogs we completely scan your area to determine which places need to be treated by insecticide companies. Whether you are a hotel, a home owner, or in a rental, we can help.

BedBugs : a serious invasion

The BedBug problem is getting worse everywhere , and is affecting more and more people : hotels, private homes, public buildings… The problem is not linked to hygiene as these bugs go wherever there are humans : wether it be a 4 star hotel, or a small apartment. Canine detection also offers a prevention service to effectively fight the invasion before it gets out of hand. Bedbugs started being a real problem in New York and Canada a couple of years ago, and are now coming to Europe. All big cities in France have huge problems, and even though it is still very taboo, there are certain areas in Paris where all hotels have had bedbugs in the last 5 years…