BedBug Detection

If you think you might have BedBugs, our dogs can tell you where they are hidden and therefore significantly increase your chances of getting rid of them ! If you are a hotel, it is essential to find out which rooms are infested by bedbugs. In just a few minutes, Rocky can make sure you don’t have any other bedbugs hiding in surrounding rooms. If you are a home owner, knowing where the bedbugs are hiding will help organize a better, more efficient treatment.

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BedBug Prevention

In the hotel industry, we offer regular preventive inspections to find bedbugs before they even become a problem. This is much cheaper and more efficient than general treatment. Bad publicity and economic consequences for your business are averted. Protect yourself with the « Anti-BedBug Certificate ».

After the first general inspection, and the infested areas treated, we set up monthly, bi-monthly or trimestrial partial inspections and deliver the « Anti-BedBug Certificate ». This shows your clients you are actively protecting them against BedBugs and protects you from potential lawsuits.

BedBug Verification

You’ve had BedBugs, have already treated, and wish to know if your are definitely rid of them ? In just a few minutes, we make sure there are no eggs or live bugs left ! We also inspect all neighboring rooms, just to make sure. Sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite !

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