Why a BedBugDog ?

  1. Proven. Dogs have already proven their value and effectiveness looking for drugs or explosives, they have already proven how trustworthy they are.
  2. Cheaper. A BedBug dog will find all contaminated areas, and all infested areas will be treated first time around, reducing cost treatment!
  3. Reliable. The dog’s nose is a science estimated 95% effective.
  4. Fast. A good dog can inspect 100 rooms in 8 hours. With no dog, each room takes at least 1 hour, and a search operated by a human is only estimated 30% effective!
  5. Discreet. No need to take apart furniture and bedding ? our dogs sniff and leave no trace behind !
  6. Environmental friendly. Our dog determines which areas to treat, chemicals are therefore only applied locally.

The Florida Canine Academy’s dogs have been on:

extrememakeover home and garden television
discoverychannel animalplanet