DogScan’s team includes Julie Gaultier and Rocky, a mixed-lab that was trained in Florida.

Julie Gaultier is Franco-American, and has known about the BedBug problem for many years as the United States, and especially NewYork, were the first to suffer from the BedBug come-back. BedBugs have been coming back to Europe for a couple of years now, and it is getting as bad as in the States. Julie Gaultier had always wanted to work with dogs, she therefore decided to start the first bedbug canine detection company in France.

Julie Gaultier and her dog Rocky are certified by the Florida Canine Academy, created by Bill Whistine, inventor of the bedbug dog. He also trains dogs for drug detection, arson, peanuts, and explosives among many other smells.

To be certified by the Florida Canine Academy, the dog and handler go through extensive training (between 600 and 1000 hours for the dog !). To stay certified, the dog and handler team also has to practice every day. This certification, and DogScan’s experience on the field, is what guarantees you the best service available !

Julie et Rocky chien detecteur